Our History

Hello, my name is Tom and I have been involved in the construction industry for over 40 years. During those years I have dealt with the trials and tribulations of trying to keep all of the equipment a person acquires over that time period organized. Having tried many different ways and ideas for organizing and keeping items separated just wasn't to my liking. Which has caused me to create this simple strap design which I and others have been testing for a few years'. This strap design had come to me one snowy, winter day in 2015 while separating air hoses, electrical extension cords, and other miscellaneous plumbing lines as well as the excess electric wire that I had removed from a project which I had completed a day or two before cleaning out my truck. After removing these items from my truck and placing them in my shop, I realized that it would be beneficial to me if I could glance at a wall to determine what I might need to take to the next project. Therefore, instead of piling those things onto a shelf and having to search through the pile I might need, I decided to hang them from a hook, nail, or screw. 

Cords and hoses

 This is where I determined the problem was. I could easily place things on a hook, nail, or screw but I still had the problem of when the items went to the next project, they would become a tangled mess as I had before. So like most folks, I had tried tying things together with wire, rope, elastic ties, and just didn't find a good solution to my problem. I then ran across some canvas material that I had used on other projects. This led me to come up with a simple design which involved some sewing and a grommet being installed on my piece of canvas. The original Utilistrap was born. It was very strong and worked well except for the extreme amount of sewing required, and would eventually start to come apart from the continuous usage. After some research, I discovered the material that I now use which is extremely strong, weather-resistant, and very durable for its varied uses. Because of the many and varied uses for Utilistrap, we have decided to offer it in 5 different lengths, and 3 colors with more coming soon. Currently, we offer black, yellow, and orange with lengths of 8", 12", 16", 20" and 24". We have plans to offer it in 10 colors in the near future. We thank you for your interest in Utilistrap's history and hope that you enjoy your Utilistrap product.