20" Utilistrap


With this option, Utilistrap offers you a choice of one 20" strap in Yellow, Orange, or Black. This is best for wrapping large gauge cords, and hoses. It can also be used to hang shovels, tools, and more. We also offer our customers the option to personalize their strap by adding a name or logo to the strap. Our 20" strap has a weight handling capacity of 35 lbs. Made in the U.S.A.

Your strap color!
  • Bulk orders

    Large quantities of Utilistrap are available in Single piece, 5,10 & 25 Packs. We also offer you the option to add your company logo to each strap at an additional cost. If you wish to buy more than 50 straps please contact us for wholesale pricing, availability, and shipping costs. Thank you. 

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